Gangster Politics at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2000

“Dance of the Dead” — “Guns and Chicks” — “Vector Madness”: who else could it be but Montreal’s very own feel-good ensemble, Gangster Politics? The local septet has turned into one of the most fun bands to listen to — and dance to — on the Canadian scene, packing the whole spectrum of the Jamaican thing in their portfolio, everything from reggae and rocksteady to a ska with a jolt of punk energy. Sometime politics makes great bedfellows.


Gangster Politics was a 7-piece (previously 9-piece) ska jazz band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, active from 1993 to 2000. The line-up featured Dave Bulger (vocals), Tim Doyle (drums), Morgan Moore (bass), Simon Angell (guitar), Patrick Watson (keyboard & piano), Louis Nagy (trumpet & Rhodes keyboard), and Liam Chapman (trombone). The band had other contributors, including Franco Proetti (saxophone), Chet Doxas (saxophone), Jim Doxas (drums), John Sadowy (piano), Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr (drums, percussion), and Jay Gray (drums), the drummer who performed with the group after the departure of Tim Doyle in 1999 to join the ska group Planet Smashers.